Residential Services

Residential Design Services

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Committed to designing homes that:
  • • Are Aesthetically delightful
  • • Fit gently in the environment
  • • Capture and use natural light and solar energy
  • • Use and express natural materials
  • • Are highly efficient and functional
  • • Fit gently in the environment
  • • Enhance your way of life

Flexible Services
I offer architectural services in a flexible format to meet your goals and budget. Each service is designed to provide a tangible, added value to your project.

Free Initial Meeting and Consultation
The initial consultation is free. This relaxed, interactive meeting gives you a chance to discuss your project ideas and goals and get to know me, as well as the services I offer. It is usually best to hold this meeting at the proposed site.

Project Start-up Research In this phase of services we focus on identifying and resolving any potential obstacles to a project. We look into practical issues that could add extra cost or make it difficult or impossible to meet your objectives. This covers a wide range of issues, from zoning regulations and right-of-ways to utilities availability and solar orientation. I have developed an extensive “Project Start-up Checklist” to identify and address these issues.

Project Goals
We work closely together to discover and define your project goals. The clearer the goals, the easier it is to focus on the fun and creative aspect of design and to know when the design process is completed. We review and set goals for such things as: space use and sizing, aesthetic and spatial feelings, functionality, solar energy use, and building materials and systems. We also discuss and set budget and schedule goals. In the following phases, we review these goals regularly to guide the development of the design.

Schematic Design
During Schematic Design we use quick sketches and 3D models to explore site and building design options. These options are presented in Schematic Design sketches, which include floor plans, elevations (drawings of the exterior), and a narrative that describes important building systems and materials.

Design Development During Design Development we research, explore additional options, and choose specific elements and architectural details for inclusion in the Construction Documents. These elements include such things as electrical outlet locations, lighting fixture types and locations, heating and cooling systems, alternative energy systems, and local availability of materials.

Construction Documents
Construction Documents contain the drawings, details, and information needed to obtain a building permit and to build your project. I offer Construction Documents produced at three levels of detail, to meet the different goals and budgets of my various clients. The more detailed the drawings, the more control over the outcome in pricing and construction, and the fewer decisions required during construction. The less detailed the drawings, the more you will need to rely on pricing allowances and the builder’s standard details, and the more decisions you will need to make during construction (often resulting in greater costs).

Level 1 provides drawings, details, and information needed to illustrate the basic project parameters and obtain a permit.

Level 2 provides additional details for special architectural features, as well as information regarding specific products, building systems, and materials that you want.

Level 3 provides the most detail for custom architectural features as well as additional information on specific products, building systems, and materials. Level 3 also includes drawings and details for the interiors and ceilings.

Bidding and Negotiation
I also provide services to assist you in obtaining bids and negotiating a contract for the construction of your home. These services include: presenting the Construction Documents to prospective builders and answering questions, and soliciting bids and reviewing proposals.

Construction Phase Services
The focus of my services in this phase is to assist the builder in understanding and interpreting the Construction Drawings, to observe and report on the work in progress, and to provide additional research and details as requested by you or the builder.

The success of your project depends on teamwork. I strive to translate your goals into workable design drawings and then to support your builder in making this design a reality. Engaging a builder early in the process provides the opportunity to build a baseline of knowledge, mutual trust, and respect between the triad of owner, architect, and builder, so that all may contribute their expertise and experience to the successful completion of your project.